No Quarter – Freedom

No Quarter - Freedom

‘Freedom’ by  Brisbane Skatepunkers ‘No Quarter’ overflows my heart with total 90’s nostalgia; seeing as I still wear 3 quarter length shorts and baggy punk rock t-shirts; this is definitely a kick ass thing.

‘Freedom’ is ram packed with super fast  break neck  drums, shredding guitar riffs and catchy as fuck melodic vocal hooks.

Imagine driving down an abandoned highway, sunroof down on your car, stereo turned up to 11. Your buddy reaching for his backpack; you look down and admire the awesome display of Pulley, 10 Foot Pole. Strung Out and 4FT Fingers patches, he has proudly sewn to his bag. He reaches inside and pulls out ‘ Freedom by No Quarter’ as you feel the utter radness pump out of your car speakers, your eyes dilate and suddenly for that moment the world feels like an awesome place.       

Stand out tracks – Bottle Tops and Jameson Shots and Abandon Ship, This fuckers Sinking.


‘Freedom by No Quarter’ is available now via Melodic Punk Style Records below.



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