Starter Jackets – Decisions

Springfield Illinois pop punkers ‘Starter Jacket’ mix rad, super catchy punk rock with 80’s power pop synths.

‘Decisions’ makes the perfect soundtrack for every classic 80’s movie you’ve ever seen; it makes you want to get out your NES, raid your old VCR collection, dust off your old battered skateboard and bust a kick flip over your neighbour’s driveway.

Ram packed full of the catchiest singalong jams, ‘Decisions’ will leave you breathless as you scissor kick round your living room. The synth sits perfectly in the mix, working as an extra layer, complementing the guitars and rhythm section, rather than working against it.

Definitely one of my top albums of the year so far.


‘Decisions’ is available now through the rad dudes at Rad Girlfriend Records, on limited edition purple vinyl and via all your favourite digital platforms.

Rad Girlfriend Records (USA)

Remember to check your local Distros and ask them to order some stock in from Rad Girlfriend Records.


Swingin Utters – Peace and Love

swingin utters

Album number nine from San-Francisco sweethearts ‘Swingin Utters’ is a masterpiece of punk rock grit and passion.

‘Peace and Love’ tells stories of love, lust, life’s ups and downs and the odd characters that life brings to your doorstep.

Johnny, Darius and Jack have the kinda of voices that makes you sit-up and listen, with vocal melodies that dig in to your brain like Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, taking over your thoughts; who needs free thinking when you have catchy as hell vocal hooks swimming through your brain.

‘Peace and Love’ molds effortlessly the more melodic songs that Darius croons on with the more raucous punk rock that Johnny puts his growls too.

The Utters have been one of my favourite bands for many a year and they just keep getting better and better, they have a real knack for writing catchy sing-along anthems with a dark and twisted edge; ‘Peace and Love’ really doesn’t disappoint in this area.


‘Peace and Love by Swingin Utters’ is available now via Fat Wreck Chords and all your favourite streaming sites.

Fat Wreck (USA/Canada) Vinyl/CD – Road Merch (EU) CD – only Road Merch (UK) CD – only

It’s always worth checking out your local record stores and Distros.

Lone Wolf – Self Titled

Rotterdam Punk Rockers ‘Lone Wolf’ manage to combine the radness of ‘Dead To Me’ with the sweet sounds of ‘Swingin Utters’ without losing any of their rather killer uniqueness.

‘Self Titled’ feels like you have just had a shot of adrenaline injected straight into your eyeball combined with a few pipette drops of adrenochrome straight on to the tongue.

Trust me, you will be bouncing off the walls whilst listening to ‘Lone Wolfs’ debut record.


‘Self Titled by Lone Wolf’ is up for preorder now by the rad dudes below

Stardumb Records (EU) White & Blue Marbled Vinyl

Lone Wolf – Lone Wolf (LP) PRE-ORDER

Bearded Punk Records (EU) White and Pink Marbled Vinyl.

The Machine Shop (USA) White & Blue Marbled Vinyl

‘Self Titled’ will also be available on CD and on all your favorite streaming sites.

The Young Rochelles – Self Titled

Long Beach Pop Punk Trio ‘The Young Rochelles’ newish Record ‘Self Titled’ is all kinds of rad.

Self Titled is ram packed full of catchy as hell , sing along jams that will drag even the most miserable fucker up from their slumber and scream-along like a love sick teenager.

To me ‘The Young Rochelles’ sound is like someone put ‘Teenage Bottlerocket’, ‘Masked Intruder’, ‘Screeching Weasel’ ‘Pulley’ and ‘Ten Foot Pole’ in to ‘The Large Hadron Collider’, the resulting electric field strips hydrogen nuclei (consisting of the bands protons and electrons)

Once the collider is stopped the resulting spit atoms are spliced back together creating the rather lovely sound the rather awesome dudes in ‘The Young Rochelles’ produce.


‘Self Titled by The Young Rochelles‘ is available on Cd and Record via Sounds Radical below

You can also listen on all streaming platforms.

Horror on the High Seas – Self Titled


Indie Post punk dudes ‘Horror on the High Seas’ mix elements of Iron Chic, Ship Thieves and La Grecia, put them in an industrial sized blender letting the contents splatter all over the wall.

The resulting goop is then placed in a telepod inspired by the 80’s film The Fly, unfortunately ‘Chuck Ragan’ steps in thinking that the telepod is a toilet.

Chuck Ragan leaves the telepod a bit confused about why these British toilets have no urinal, to actually take a piss in.

As the weeks go by and Chuck notices parts of his body falling off, he looks into a mirror and realises that his once bearded face has become a bizarre mix of the above bands.

A little weirded out by this, he decides to use a molecule splitter, to try and remove the DNA hybrid that has merged with his body.

The resulting scientific wizardry and the use of modern day cloning brings ‘Horror on the High Seas’ to the world.

Ram packed full of grit and adrenaline, I expect big things from this Worcester 4 piece.


Self-Titled by Horror on the High Seas is available now via their Band Camp site.

Kill The Colossi – Herd Mentality

Kill The Colossi - Herd Mentality

Bournemouth politically infused punk rockers ‘Kill The Colossi’ have brought together a rad molotov cocktail of street punk, punk rock, hardcore and reggae with  ‘Herd Mentality’

‘Kill The Colossi’ take that Molotov Cocktail and engulf the world with their singalong catchy as fuck radness.

As you shower in the flames letting it crawl over your skin; the moment before you turn to ash and you flesh and bones are taken by the winds, a final thought passes through your mind and a few remaining words pass through your your lips, ‘These dudes are gnarly’

For fans of The Clash and Anti Flag


Herd Mentality by Kill The Colossi is available below now.

The Cheap Cassettes – Kiss the Ass of My Heart


Seattle punk rockers ‘The Cheap Cassettes’ blend together a combination of punk rock attitude with the catchyness and sing along songs of powerpop goodness.

‘Kiss the Ass of My Heart’ is 4 tacks full of grit , grime and glory; singing songs about love, life and all the shit that goes in between.

Just imagine The Replacements bought a bubble gum factory and shot their collective load into the mixing machine, that gum was then possessed by the soul of Danny McCormack, after he lost it in a dodgy drug deal with the devil; if you then connected that large lump of bubble gum into a 10ft speaker amp and cranked up to 10; this would take you close to the Rock ‘N’ Roll radness of the ‘The Cheap Cassettes’


‘Kiss the Ass of My Heart by The Cheap Cassettes’ is available from the good dudes at Rum Bar Records below.

Available on limited edition Vinyl and Tape cassette.

Fair Do’s – Leopards

fair do's

Manchester Tech Punk rockers ‘Fair Do’s’ have delivered a master class of melodic hardcore and tech punk with ‘Leopards’ these dudes are tighter than a gnat’s ass.

‘Leopards’ is just so goddamn rifftastic; Moving effortlessly, from breakneck speed hardcore punk, to sludgey beatdown, without even breaking a sweat.

10 tracks of pure adrenaline and grit that will make you stop mid thought, to allow the utter radness of ‘Leopards’ flow through your prefrontal cortex; now as the total radness of ‘Leopards’ enters your ears and swims through your brain, be prepared for ‘Fair Do’s’ to now control your every waking moment.


‘Leopards by the Fair Do’s’ is available from the rad dudes at Lock Jaw Records below.

CD format comes in a eco-friendly digipack case. Less plastic, more music.
Vinyl format comes as a tropical 12′ magenta record with exotic yellow splatter.
Vinyl shall be shipped out in October. Download code shall be provided when you order.

The Murderburgers – Shitty People & Toothache


The new 4-track-7-inch from Scotland’s finest ‘The Murderburgers’ is a wee belter of a record.

Singing songs about the pricks of society and the moments when life kicks you in the teeth, with a Dr Marten boot covered in dog shit; Fraser always sings about life experience, firmly wearing his heart on his cut off sleeves.

‘Shitty People & Toothache’ is pure sing-along pop punk bliss that will have you ripping out your vocal cords and plugging them into a 50ft stack of speakers; just so you can express to the world how frickin rad this EP is.

As the last remaining drops of blood gushes out your mouth, dripping down your chin, a smile presents itself across your face, reassuring your brain, it was worth the sacrifice.

All hail the ‘The Murderburgers’


‘Shitty People & Toothach is available now on limited edition vinyl below.

Asian Man Records (US) (Mint Green) limited to 250

Brass Neck Records (UK) (Orange) limited  to 250

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