The Hangups – No Expectations

Malmo Sweden punk rockers ‘The Hangups’ are going to melt your brain with their supercharged blend of Ramones-Core, pop punk goodness.

‘No Expectations’ is 4-tracks, ram packed full of gnarly jams, that will make you wanna drink a crate of beer, kickflip over your super privileged neighbours ‘Koenigsegg’ puking in their sunroof as you do so.

Razor sharp melodies, buzz-saw guitars and kickass drums;  ‘No Expectations’ has it all abundance.

If the bastard children of The queers, Screeching Weasel and early Green day is  your thing, I would highly recommend you grab yourself a copy of ‘The Hangups’ new 7″ now.


‘No Expectations by The Hangups’ is available now via Monster Zero Records

Limited Edition Vinyl (300 on Black and Blue Splatter)


All Better – How It All Worked Out

I stood by a mirror, looked inwards and muttered the words ‘Dirty Pop, Dirty Pop, Dirty Pop’

Suddenly ‘All Better’ lunged forward from the mirror and infected me, mind, body and soul with their contagious blend of Emo, Anti-Pop-Punk and Punk Rock.

‘How It All Worked Out’ is 6-tracks of killer, hook-ridden riffage, lush melodic vocal harmonies and enough grit and determination to propel itself forward to a much wider audience.

These guys are going to be huge, check them out now, before all the cool kids, try and claim them for themselves.

Check out their new video for ‘Let Go‘ here


‘How It All Worked Out’ is being released on CD/Digital via Real Ghost Records on June 14th 2019.

The Yoohoos – Up Goes the Rocket

Bamberg Pop Punkers ‘The Yoohoos’ new record is more bubblegum then ‘Hubba Bubba’

Ram-packed full of sing-along anthems, and contagious hooks that will bring you to your knees; an exhausted, sweating, dribbling mess.

‘Up Goes the Rocket’ contains 13-tracks of feel good, melodic vocal harmonies with backups that compliment the mix perfectly.

Although very poppy to the ear, the buzz-saw guitar, driving bass lines and snappy, hard-hitting drum beats will have even the most hardened punker, pumping his fists in the air and chanting along at the top of his lungs.


‘Up Goes the Rocket by the The Yoohoos’ is available now via Monster Zero Records

Also available via all your favourite streaming sites.

Available on black vinyl and on
pretty orange vinyl! (Limited to 50 copies)

First 25 orders get a free Yoohoos hipster bag!

The Ratcliffs – Hell Mental

Power Pop radness from ‘The Ratcliffs’

‘Hell Mental’ is the sound of a neurosurgeon hooking up a jack lead to the brains of ‘Dr Frank Portman, Billie-Joe Armstrong and Ray Carlisle.

As the jackleads eject neurotransmitters into a Electroencephalography machine, linked up to a 50ft speaker; the combined brain signals create the killer jams, that ‘The Ratcliffs’ have created with ‘Hell Mental’

Ram Packed full of catchy, contagious hooks that will make you dance round the room like you have a brain full of acid.

Spread the good word of ‘The Ratcliffs’ to everyone that will listen, if they don’t want to, shove it down their throats.


‘Hell Mental by  The Ratcliffs’ is available now via Monster Zero Records

This bundle contains the exclusive clear green vinyl version, only available from Monster Zero and limited to 50 copies, and fair-trade tote-bag with an killer design made by Chris Mugwump. Get it while they last.

You can also take a listen on all your favorite streaming sites…

The Warhawks – Never Felt So Good

Sit back, relax, pour yourself a tall glass of bourbon, put ‘Never Felt So Good’ on your stereo, close your eyes and let the rad jams that ‘The Warhawks’ have created wash over your body.

‘Never Felt So Good’ Feels like ‘Toy Guitar’ are rubbing your tired achy feet, ‘Downtown Struts are rubbing the knots out of your weary shoulders whilst ‘Mick Jagger’ strokes your hair and whispers positive messages in your ear.

‘Never Felt So Good’ is 9 tracks that mixes the lush melodies’ of 90’s indie bands like ‘Pavement’ the punk rock  grit and passion of ‘The Replacements’ and the fuzzed out catchiness of the ‘Hives’

Catchy and contagious from start to finish, let ‘The Warhawks’ in to your life, you can thank me later…..


‘Never Felt So Good by The Warhawks’ is available now and self released by the band.

Go check them out on all your favorite streaming platforms or pick up a CD at one of their kickass shows.

Problem Daughter – Grow Up Trash

Salt Lake City’s ‘Problem Daughter’ play a perfect blend of darkly twisted, crooked edged, defeatist smothered, catchy as fuck punk rock bliss.

In a dark and dingy basement, the smell of sweat, piss and adrenaline strangles the oxygen from the air, leaving it choking for life; Imagine if Oh calcutta era Lawrence Arms, Forever Unclean and Decent Criminal stood eyeball to eyeball, pupils dilated, endorphins flowing freely around their tired blood soaked bodies.

Knifes gripped tightly within their bruised and battered hands, they turn their crimson colored blades on each other; as a faded light flickers from a dying lightbulb, they all spring forward; tendons , limbs and muscles are ripped apart, blood covers the floor and flows downwards, through cracks in the moldy, rotten floor boards.

Deep below the dark and dingy basement a scientist with a crazed look in his eyes, collects together the congealed blood, skin, tissue and bone fragments; splicing it together to form a kickass band, as lightning flashes like a 1950’s Hammer Horror movie, the unhinged man of science laughs the laugh of a lunatic and proclaims loudly, ‘ I will name this band ‘ Problem Daughter’  

10 Tracks that will have you hitting repeat on your stereo, as you imagine how you managed to survive this long in life, without allowing ‘Grow Up Trash’ to seep into your cochlea, drowning your brain with its sweet melodic radness. ‘Problem Daughter’ have a real knack of writing hook laden riffs , that stick in your brain, leaving you totally defenceless to singing along, until your lungs burst and your vocal chords implode.


‘Grow Up Trash by Problem Daughter’ is out now via Wiretap Records (USA) and Bearded Punk Records (EU)

Problem Daughter – “Grow Up Trash” 12″ LP

Limited to 250x on Blue Sky vinyl (USA)

Limited to 50x Elektric Blue vinyl (EU)

You can also take a listen via all your favorite streaming sites.

Edward in Venice – Empathy

Pesaro, Italy harcore punk rockers ‘Edward in Venice’ new record ‘Empathy’ is a awesome combination of lush melodic harmonies, throat shredding screams, speedy tech guitar riffs and killer drum destroying beats.

‘Empathy’ feels like the bastard offspring, of a subservient sex fiend, used by Polar Bear Club, Comeback Kid and Wilhelm Scream.

‘Edward in Venice’ was born kicking and screaming into this world, ready and eager to take on every motherfucker that gets in their way.

Go pre order your Compact Disc copy now via Lockjaw Records

Trophy Jump – Haphazard

Zagreb, Croatian punk rockers ‘Trophy Jump’ new record is a supercharged assault straight to the hypothalamus, sending a flood of endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine shooting round your body, turning you into a smiling dribbling wreck.  

‘Haphazard’ showcases five tracks of sing-along melodic bliss, coming from a band that really sounds like they are having a lot of fun creating it.

Kick ass riffage , hard hitting drums and catchy vocal hooks; exactly what you want from a punk rock record.


Haphazard by Trophy Jump is out now and available via Band Camp and all your favorite streaming sites.

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