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Laserchrist – D.I.Y Brother?


Imagine you took members of ‘The Ship Thieves’ , ‘Soundgarden’ and ‘Iron Chic’ and placed them in a blender; What would you get? Well once you cleaned away or the blood, guts, gristle and bone and spliced the DNA with a host; You then grew the cells and genes in a high tech secret government laboratory, you would get ‘Laserchrist.’

‘D.I.Y Brother?’ is 5 tracks of radness that comines awesome vocal grit with melodic guitar hooks and a driving rhythm section.

I predict big things for this 4 piece London punk rock crew.


D.I.Y Brother? Is available for pre order now below.


Mixtape Saints – Everything We Used To Be


It was warm night in New Jersey, the birds fluttered peacefully through the sky as the sun beat down onto the faces of a 1000 smiling faces; amongst those faces a dark haired man walked down Livingston Avenue, denham jacket draped over his shoulder, not a care in the world.

Meanwhile on the other side of the city an older chap was sitting behind the wheel of his 1950’s firebird, sun glasses on with his foot firmly pushing the pedal to the metal.

Suddenly a look of utter panic found its way across the older chaps face, his foot hitting the break at the speed of light as the dark haired man walked into the road, oblivious to his immediate danger.

The Firebird span-out, flipped and twisted sending shards of metal and rubber,  in all directions hitting a nearby street light. The dark haired man ran over to the wreck and pulled the older chap out of the vehicle; as they both sat down on the warm dusty road their eyes met and a love to last a lifetime was formed.

A few years down the line using the proven science of the 1994 documentary turned hollywood movie ‘Junior’ , ‘Bruce Springsteen’ and ‘Brian Falon’ had their first child Dave but gave him the nickname  ‘Mixtape Saint’

‘Everything We Used’ To Be’ is the love affair of ‘Bruce Springsteen’ and ‘The Gaslight Anthem’ and perfectly combines the passion and grit of the two bands. It covers all of Mixtape saints works in one record and is a rather lovely listen.

‘Mixtape Saints’ have an awesome way of writing catchy feel good songs that make it near impossible not to sing along and nod your head so much it will put your favorite bobble head figure to shame.


‘Everything We Used’ To Be by ‘Mixtape Saints’ will be available 20/04/2018 via digital and limited edition tape via the very awesome Real Ghost Records.

Pre order available below.

Fuck (It’s Pronounced Shit) – The first 3 Ep’s

FIPS cover

FIPS are the brainchild of Fraser from The Murderburgers and offer up a healthy dose of super-fast punk rock goodness.

FIPS mange to perfectly mix awesome melodic hooks, with dark lyrics taking you deep inside the heart and mind of Fraser; telling stories of heartache, depression, suicide attempts and the general ups and downs of a touring band.

The first 3 Ep’s are quick sharp shock to the system with the longest track ‘ Wank Florida Wank’ only lasting a minute thirty three;  you will find yourself singing till your heart explodes in to a sticky bleeding mess, being stolen and eaten in its entirety by the neighbour’s cat.

As you lie dying on the floor, blood oozing from your chest; your loved ones will put a well-placed ear to your mouth and your dying words will be ‘Thanks for the new FIP album, this shit is killer’.


‘The first 3 Ep’s’ combines 3 limited edition releases from the band and is available from the awesome folks at Brassneck Records.  If you’re quick you may still be able to grab a copy on single sided white vinyl.

Digital and vinyl available below

Chris Shary (Awesome Artist’s in Punk Rock Part 2)


I was totally stoked when the very awesome Chris Shary agreed to do an interview with Bloggin Rotten.

Chris Shary has provided the artwork for a multitude of awesome punk rock bands, including taking over the duties of drawing ‘Milo’ for The Descendants,  since 2004’s ‘Cool To Be You’ album.

Take a read of the interview below then go out and buy a shit-ton of Chris Shary’s art.

Please tell the Bloggin Rotten readers a little about yourself.

I’m an artist living in Northern California who mainly does art for punk bands but I’m also a high school drama teacher.  I’ve been doing art for bands since 88 and teaching since 96.


What/Who influences your awesome style of artwork?

I guess I’m influenced by music first and foremost but also the cartoons of my youth. I keep my eyes open and am always drawn to visuals.  Pretty much whatever I see around me influences me.

You’re clearly a massive punk rock fan, who were your gateway bands and what got you in to the punk rock scene in the first place?

Billy Idol and the Clash were for sure my gateways. Billy lead to Gen X and then the Sex Pistols and it was all over after that.

Any awesome artists or bands you could recommend to our readers

Artists: Brian Walsby, Tim Kerr, Rich Jacobs, Bad Otis Link, Kevin Seconds, and my wife Lori Herbst are among my favourites.

Bands: Currently I’m quite into Fireburn, The Lillingtons, Superchunk, Direct Hit, Pears, Dog Party, The Croissants, Night Birds, Adolescents, The Drips, One Square Mile, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, The Interrupters, Decent Criminal, Civil War Rust, DESCENDENTS (of course), and I’ve been listening to a lot of Jawbreaker yet again.

What was the last band that sent a tingle up your spine?

Against Me

Lastly If I’m at the bar what you drinking?

I don’t drink, so probably water.

Check out Chris Shary’s work below.

Decent Criminal – Bloom



Santa Rosa California punkers Decent Criminal offer up an awesome mix of Bracket,  Symposium and early Weezer.

‘Bloom’ is just so, damned packed out with awesome sing-along anthems; it should come with the following government warning ‘Decent Criminal’ will not be held responsible if your vocal chords are destroyed, whilst singing at the top of your lungs, and will not be held liable if you give yourself whiplash from nodding your head insanely  to their totally rad tunes.’

If like myself you grew up listening to a mix of Brit-pop and Punk Rock you are going to dig this more than a grave robber digs graves.


‘Bloom by Decent Criminal’ is available now from DodgeBall Records  on the below link.


Check out Decent Criminal on Social Media and all good streaming services.

You – Selfish


Selfish’ by Britpop Punkers ‘You’ is a breath of fresh air in a world in which  90’s nostalgia,  seems to be raiding the graves and reanimating the corpses  of the 90’s NME hit parade.

‘Selfish and B-side Dissociative’ offers out more than enough grit to keep even the most arctic winters at bay.

You’s debut single offers out a heavy duty uppercut of riffage straight to the chin, severing your head from your spine; RYU of ‘Street Fighter’ fame has nothing on these guys.

Pour yourself a big glass of ‘Jack Daniels’ and rip your throat, to shreds as you sing along, till your lungs burst at to these soon to be anthems.


‘Selfish by You’ will be self released on 01/03/2017 and available digitally and on 7 inch single below.


‘You’ will be heading out on their UK/Euro tour starting 01/03/2018 to support their single.

Make sure you catch them in a Town/City near you.

March 2018:

1 – The Lounge, London UK

3 – The Mudd Club, Strasbourg FR

4 – Alte Hackerei, Karlsruhe DE

7 – Caddy, Ehingen DE

8 – Tube Club, Düsseldorf DE

9 – Grille, Gifhorn DE

10 – RARE Guitare, Münster DE

11 – Cowboy Und Indianer , Hamburg DE

14 – Laubenlinde, Offenburg DE (acoustic show)

15 – Roca’s, Luxembourg LU

16 – Cafe Ohne, Emerkingen DE

17 – Schlachthaus, Dornbirn AU

23 – Klub Klinik, Löbau DE

24 – Wild at Heart, Berlin DE

28 – Ninkasi, Lyon FR

31 – Sally des Fêtes, Aubeterre-Sur-Dronne FR

No Quarter – Freedom

No Quarter - Freedom

‘Freedom’ by  Brisbane Skatepunkers ‘No Quarter’ overflows my heart with total 90’s nostalgia; seeing as I still wear 3 quarter length shorts and baggy punk rock t-shirts; this is definitely a kick ass thing.

‘Freedom’ is ram packed with super fast  break neck  drums, shredding guitar riffs and catchy as fuck melodic vocal hooks.

Imagine driving down an abandoned highway, sunroof down on your car, stereo turned up to 11. Your buddy reaching for his backpack; you look down and admire the awesome display of Pulley, 10 Foot Pole. Strung Out and 4FT Fingers patches, he has proudly sewn to his bag. He reaches inside and pulls out ‘ Freedom by No Quarter’ as you feel the utter radness pump out of your car speakers, your eyes dilate and suddenly for that moment the world feels like an awesome place.       

Stand out tracks – Bottle Tops and Jameson Shots and Abandon Ship, This fuckers Sinking.


‘Freedom by No Quarter’ is available now via Melodic Punk Style Records below.


Hot Water Music – Light It Up

Hot Water Music have always been a firm favorite of mine, the mix of Chuck and and Chris’ voices interlock in a beautiful union of gruff punk rock melody.

‘LIght It Up’ is no exception.

Hot Water Music’s latest effort is a little more polished, and slightly poppier than previous records but is still packed with enough grit to melt antarctica.

Instantly catchy from the start, ‘Light it Up’ feels like Hot Water Music are maturing with age, without losing any of the passion and aggression that has made them one of the most influential and kick ass band in punk rock.

‘Light It Up’ will have you singing till your throat collapses and your voice box explodes into a 1000 pieces; it really is that catchy and infectious.

If this Hot Water Music virus is what brings on the zombie apocalypse; I say bring it on, you’ll see me on top of a burnt out car, ‘Light it Up’ blasting out my stereo, volume turned up to 11, waiting for the masses of undead to take me to a better place.


Stand out tracks: Show Your Face and Never Go Back

‘Light It Up’ by Hot Water Music is available on all formats via Rise Records below

ARMS & HEARTS- Fortitude


‘Fortitude’ by Arms & Hearts beautifully crafts melodic sing along folk with kick ass punk rock attitude.

Steve Miller sings songs about lost loves, life’s highs and lows and nights of hard drinking.

Moody, brooding and packed full of enough grit  to melt the coldest of hearts.


‘Fortitude’ by Arms & Hearts is available on 20/11/2017 via the rather wonderful Real Ghost Records.

‘Fortitude’ by Arms & Hearts will be released digitally and will be PWYW


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