The Murderburgers – Shitty People & Toothache


The new 4-track-7-inch from Scotland’s finest ‘The Murderburgers’ is a wee belter of a record.

Singing songs about the pricks of society and the moments when life kicks you in the teeth, with a Dr Marten boot covered in dog shit; Fraser always sings about life experience, firmly wearing his heart on his cut off sleeves.

‘Shitty People & Toothache’ is pure sing-along pop punk bliss that will have you ripping out your vocal cords and plugging them into a 50ft stack of speakers; just so you can express to the world how frickin rad this EP is.

As the last remaining drops of blood gushes out your mouth, dripping down your chin, a smile presents itself across your face, reassuring your brain, it was worth the sacrifice.

All hail the ‘The Murderburgers’


‘Shitty People & Toothach is available now on limited edition vinyl below.

Asian Man Records (US) (Mint Green) limited to 250

Brass Neck Records (UK) (Orange) limited  to 250


Northern Horizon – Blues and Breakdowns

Newcastle Upon Tyne post hardcore/pop punkers ‘Northern Horizon’ mix up a concoction of post hardcore breakdowns with pop punk singalong bliss.

A dinghy run down venue in Newcastle Upon Tyne, full of cockroaches and cobwebs; the smell of piss sweat and tears lingers in the air; a stench so thick that it hits the back of your throat like the drag you had on your first cigarette.

The thrashing sound of guitars and the high pitched treble of a well tuned snare drum fills the room surrounding you snuggly, like a child wrapped up warmly with their comfort blanket.

As the room splits in two, Desa on one side and Hell is for Heroes on the other; fans of both bands surround them ready for the ultimate battle. The band on stage chants are you guys ready for the wall of death? the crowd and the bands get ready.

‘On The count of three’ ‘1,2,3 goooooo’

The crowds on both sides of the room charge at each other colliding with an almighty crass.

Bodies twist and distort , limbs intertwined together.

The resulting shockwave caused by the mass collision of bodies merges the DNA of Desa and Hell is for Heroes into a gooey mess of teeth, bone, brain and hair.

Hours later after the venue closes, the bar manager scoops up the mass and chucks it in a field at the back of the building carpark.

As the years go by and the venue closes its doors for good, the field at the back of the car park has been left to overgrow and has become a toxic waste dumping ground for a rather unscrupulous chemical company.

As an upturned barrel’s casing begins to rust and leak their contents in to the grass. The cast aside gooey mess starts to pulsate and glow.

As the now hardened blob of goo begins to crack, four bodies slither out like newly hatched snakes.

With the combined DNA of Desa, Hell is for Heroes and a large squirt of spaff from Jordan Pundik after he decided to have a wank in a bush before a show.

‘Northern Horizon’ were brought kicking and screaming into this world.

‘Blues and Breakdown’ is ram packed full of catchy vocal hooks, kick ass guitars licks all held together by an ace well driven rhythm section.

Expect some rad things from these dudes.


‘Blues and Breakdowns by Northern Horizon’ is available now on all streaming sites and through Flare and Flame Records.

Click below for digital download.

Watashi Wa Dance Party – Skate Pop Suicide


San Diego’s ‘Watashi Wa Dance Party’ play an awesome blend of J-Punk, Ska Punk and Pop punk; a blend so fine , your ears will higher than a San Fran Hippy.

‘Skate Pop Suicide’ is 6 tracks of high octane energy that hits you like a dragon punch straight to the skull.  Super poppy at times, never losing its punk rock grit and passion.

‘Watashi Wa Dance Party’ mixes early Saves The Day with Streetlight Manifesto but never takes itself too serious, which is never a bad thing.


‘Skate Pop Suicide by Watashi Wa Dance Party’ is available now on all streaming platforms.

You can also buy ‘SPS’ on CD through the good dudes at Hidden Home Records below.

Freddy Fudd Pucker – Open Doors


Berlin Germany ‘Freddy Fudd Pucker’ haven’t just blown the roof of the barn with ‘Open Doors’ they’ve burnt the motherfucker to the ground and pissed on it’s ashes.

‘Freddy Fudd Pucker’ mixes gritty folk with passionate raucous punk rock without missing a beat.

In a dark and dingy lab 1000 ft under the streets of Berlin, a mysterious man is doing the most extraordinary feats of science; meanwhile missing posters have appeared in both Ellensburg (Washington) and San Francisco (California)

Ellensburg Daily Record – Mark Lanegan is still missing, last seen being chucked in the back of a red pickup truck, by a slightly deranged looking man wearing a lab coat.

ABC7 News – Johnny “Peebucks” Bonnel is missing still, he was last seen being bundled in to the back of a red pickup truck, by a man wearing a lab coat; witnesses have reported the man had a very sinister look in his eyes.

5,654 miles across the pond, 1000 ft under the streets of Berlin in a dark and dingy lab, a mysterious man has removed the vocal cords of Johnny “Peebucks” Bonnel and Mark Lanegan, placing them in the throat of a New Zealand musician who has made Berlin his home.

DW News – Local folk punker  ‘Freddy Fudd Pucker’ has developed superhuman X-Men esque vocal skills, that merges the deep saulty tones of Mark Lanegan  with the gritty punk rock growles of Johnny “Peebucks” Bonnel.

‘Open Doors’ is rammed packed full of grit and melodic bliss that brings you along on it’s mad packed adventure; you will find yourself going from a relaxing slightly head banging mood to running around like a headless chicken; bouncing off the walls.


‘Open Doors by Freddy Fudd Pucker’ is available now via all digital streaming platforms and below.

Round Dog Records (UK)

Rebel High Records

Dorkatron – The Extra Mile


Klagenfurt, Austria punk rockers ‘Dorkatron’s’ new 6 track, 12 inch ‘The Extra Mile’ is jammed packed full of the catchiest killer jams that your ears will ever have the pleasure of having inside them.

‘Dorkatron’ are clearly influenced my bands such as The Ramones, TBR and Screeching Weasel as they follow a very similar musical path; but that’s life, we are all influenced by somebody or something, we just need to make sure we take what we have and make it slightly unique, which ‘Dorkatron’ most  definitely have an abundance of.

Imagine yourself in a hot ram packed venue; your friends and punk rock brothers and sisters around you, the stale smell of booze, piss and sweat wafts through the air, sticking to the back of your throat; starving you of oxygen.

Beer in one hand with your other hand pumping your fist to the sky; suddenly ‘Dorkatron’ hit the stage and fill your heart full of enough narley radness to put Bill and Ted to shame.

(A single thought continuously flows through your brain, ’LIfe is good life is radical’)


‘The Extra Mile by Dorkatron’ is available now via Monster Zero Records below

(Backprinted 12“, with screen printed cover)


Or digitally via bandcamp

Bloggin Rotten – interview with The Murderburgers

3FAD7354-94C1-4A75-B7DB-F5C16720EB0DCould you tell the readers of Bloggin Rotten a little about the band.

We’re a pop punk band from Scotland that’s been going since 2007. We’re currently on Asian Man Records and have been since 2013. We’re more Screeching Weasel/Dear Landlord style pop punk than whatever that more popular form of pop punk is these days. You know, the one with lots of synchronised jumping and baggy clothes and nice haircuts. I couldn’t name one band like that due to being completely out of touch, but you know what I mean.

How do you manage to keep such a consistently awesome writing style? It seems to be at times, a bit of a revolving lineup in the band.

I write all the songs, so it’s pretty easy. For the first time in years it’s a stable line-up and it’s working really well, so Alex and drummer and Alex the bassist played on the new EP and are playing on the new album as well.

Who where your your punk rock gateway bands and is there any bands you are really digging at the moment ?

I was actually just talking to Jamie from Aerial Salad about this the other day due to his confusion as to why I’m not a Green Day fan. The Offspring and Green Day were the first punk bands I remember hearing when I was 7 or 8 years old. That was around ‘94/’95, so they were both on MTV all the time.

I liked their stuff a lot more than the other shit on there. When I was 12 I saw “Smash” by The Offspring in a shop and remembered it from years before, so convinced my dad to get it for me. That was the year “Americana” came out too, which my brother gave to me. Through The Offspring I got into a bunch of the bands on Nitro Records like Guttermouth, The Vandals and AFI.

I got a guitar when I was 13 but couldn’t play any of those bands’ songs because the rhythm parts were too complicated for me, so got frustrated with it and gave up pretty quickly. Then I heard a couple of Ramones songs on a compilation my dad had and I loved them. Through the Ramones I got really into bands like Screeching Weasel, The Queers, The Riverdales, and MTX, and they all played songs that I could actually play on guitar.

I spent most of my time after that playing along to those bands. If it wasn’t for those bands I probably wouldn’t have bothered trying to play guitar again. Maybe if I’d got into Green Day instead then I would have picked things up quicker, and it would have made more sense, since that sort of pop punk is my thing, but for some reason it just didn’t happen. I think it’s because the next thing of theirs I checked out back then was “Warning” when it came out, which probably wasn’t the best place to start.

Recently I’ve been listening to The Creeps “Beneath The Pines”, Robot Bachelor “The Second Third House Boat Album”, Wonk Unit “Terror”, Aerial Salad “Roach”, Don Blake “Tough Like Diamonds” and Harrison Whitford “Afraid of Everything” a lot. Andrew W.K “You’re Not Alone” is definitely the album I’ve listened to the most so far this year though. Really positive and well put together album, and putting the spoken word tracks on there was a great idea too.


When was the last time you guys made an arse out of yourself? Any funny tour stories you can share ?

I can’t really remember specifically. I’m constantly making an arse out of myself, so it all just blends in. I’m enjoying playing live more than ever now because of that. I’ve spent a lot of time burping and winking at people in the crowd recently. I read a review of a show we did in Germany on the tour we just did with Wonk Unit and it said how my chat between songs was “anything but intelligent”, which is fair enough.

Fraser you have been very open about your mental health through your lyrics in both MB and FIPS, firstly I hope you are feeling rad at the moment buddy.

What helps you cope with your mental health, does being in a touring band help with your health? I guess being around your road brothers and sisters must be an enlightening and positive element to add to your life.

Thanks, man. I’m doing alright at the moment. Been super productive recently which helps. The past year has been a rough one mentally, particularly the end of last year, so most of my time this year has been spent trying to figure that out.

Since the start of this year my mind has been going ridiculously fast for the most part, but working on new ideas and trying to be as productive as possible helps slow it down quite a bit.

I’d rather not feel awful at times, but at least there’s some sort of pay-off. Being sober and meditating also helps a lot. I decided to go sober at Christmas last year and started meditating sometime in February, then Miguel from Teenage Bottlerocket’s book “I Wanna Be Well” landed on my doorstep not long after that, which was perfect timing, since it’s all about meditation and yoga and trying to feel better.

Meditating in the morning helps me start off my day thinking straight, and doing it at night helps me sleep better. Not drinking helps a lot in general. I wasn’t doing it as often as I used to, but towards the end of last year I’d started doing it in order to shut my brain off whenever I felt awful so I could try to start again the next day, which is obviously not a healthy way to live. I’m definitely happier and more focussed without it and plan on keeping it up. Not going on social media very often helps, too.

A year or so ago I found that it really started bumming me out a lot. I can’t really avoid it completely because I have to do all the social media stuff for the band, but not paying attention to the vast majority of what’s happening on there definitely makes me feel better. I get that it’s good for keeping in touch with people since no one calls or texts anymore, but I don’t want to see who’s arguing with who, or who’s high fiving themselves, or who’s posting about being a better friend than everyone else was to someone who’s just died, or who’s still banging on about punk apparently being dead because NOFX said sorry for doing something really dumb.

You know, all that sort of shit. It’s just so depressing and overwhelming, and makes me feel more disconnected than I would have been, if I hadn’t bothered going on there in the first place. I’ll stick to looking at photos of dogs every now and then and trying to stay connected with people in real life, and trying not to forget what real life is.

Touring can go either way really. This year so far it’s been really helpful and had a really positive effect on me and it has for the most part in the past, but there’s also been a handful of times where it’s done the exact opposite and it’s made me feel much worse.

I was so burned out on it last year that it was pretty much ruining me, but I didn’t really realise until I’d completely ran myself into the ground. It’s not really a normal environment to be in for weeks on end, so you have to be careful sometimes. I’d probably be totally burned out on it by now if it wasn’t for a lot of the people I’ve been touring with over the past few years. We just did that tour with Wonk Unit then went straight to Canada to tour with City Mouse after that, and both bands are some of my absolute favourite people, so spending the better part of last month with them was wonderful. So yeah, it really just depends. Thankfully it’s doing me a lot of good right now, and I’m really looking forward to all the stuff I have coming up.

How was it recording with the dudes in ‘Masked Intruder, on ‘The 12 Habits Of Highly Defective People’?

It was awesome! I was listening to MI today and thought about the “12 Habits” recording. That whole thing coming together still blows my mind.

I played a show with MI and they were a really nice bunch of dudes.

Yeah man, they are the best. We’ve toured together a couple of times and it’s been great. I filled in on guitar for them on tour in the UK with Me First & The Gimme Gimmes last year and it was definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done. It was really fun playing with Red on drums at Fest in Gainesville last year as well. It’s been cool playing together again since recording that album together.

What can we expect from the new 7 inch and album ?

The new EP is called “Shitty People & Toothache” and is made up of 4 songs about living with maniacs that rip you off, get you arrested and make your life hell for a while.

That was a bleak part of 2016, but at least I got a new EP out of it. Writing the thing drove me insane, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. Luke from The Copyrights mixed and mastered it and it sounds awesome. It’s out on Asian Man/Brassneck on July 27th.

Scott at Brassneck messaged me about it after I sent him the songs and said “I don’t know if a concept EP is a thing, but I think you’ve just written one”, so I guess that’s what it is!

We’re booked in to record the new album right before we go on tour leading up to Wonkfest in July. I find it hard to describe what an album is like before it actually exists, but the demos turned out great and everyone involved is excited about recording it. It’ll have 14 songs on it anyway. We’ll hopefully have it ready and out before the end of the year.

I’m at the bar what you drinking ?

I’m a big ginger beer guy. I’ve been trying to find this hipster shit I got in Canada that has a guy with a moustache and a neck tattoo on it but I think they only sell it over there, so just whatever other one they have is fine with me.

Some moron working at The Whiskey Jar in Manchester the other night sarcastically called me a “crazy guy” for ordering one then gave me ginger ale instead because they clearly have dog brains, so if we can go to any bar but that one then that’d be great.

Finally , would you rather have a dick for a nose , or a nose for a dick ? and what’s your reason for this ?

Probably a nose for a dick. I like the idea of being able to sneeze piss at people. I guess you could do that if you had a dick for a nose as well though. It’s win-win really.

The Murderburgers – Shitty people and Toothache (7inch preorder) is available below.

Brass Neck Records (UK) Orange Vinyl.

Asian Man Records (USA) Mint Green Vinyl


The Queers – Punk Rock Confidential Revisited


The re-recording and remastering includes two brand new tracks and sounds slicker than ever.

To me the Queers sound kind of like Joey Ramone and Brian Wilson crossed streams whilst attending a glory hole love nest, the resulting man jam was captured by Dr Emmett Brown, he then traveled back in time to the 60’s and paid a hooker 50 bucks to have the love love goop placed inside of her; 9 months later Joe King (Queer) was brought kicking and screaming into this world.

‘Punk Rock Confidential Revisited’ is a pop punk gem, rammed pack for of sing-along anthems that will have you practicing your bestest harmonies at the top of your lungs.


‘Punk Rock Confidential Revisited by The Queers’ is available now on all streaming services and on limited edition vinyl below.

Monster Zero Records (EU) On blue or yellow vinyl. .

Asian Man Records (USA) On random two colour vinyl.

Rad Girlfriend Records (USA) Digital download.

Forever Unclean – Woof


Copenhagen, Denmark ‘Forever Unclean’ have released yet another punk rock masterpiece with ‘Woof’

‘Forever Unclean’ sounds like ‘Chris Conley’ joined ‘The Flatliners’ and discovered a unhealthy addiction to crack.

I’ve probably listened to ‘Woof’ 20 times now and still get the same tingle up my spine, I got on my first listen.

Welcome to the church of ‘Woof’ please remove your shoes and your still beating heart at the door; now fill that oozing puss filled hole with the truly awesome heartfelt lyrics that ‘Forever Unclean shout and scream at you.

Let ‘Forever Unclean’ Cleanse you of your sins and shower you in their god like musical awesomeness.

Can I get a helllllllls yeah!!!!!


‘Woof’ by ‘Forever Unclean’ is available now on all streaming platforms and limited edition vinyl below.




Jump Cut – Hazel


Debut album ‘Hazel’ by San Francisco 8-bit hard-core punk rockers ‘Jump Cut’ is a breath of fresh air, in what at times can be rather stale and stagnant music scene.

It’s 2018 and ‘Jump Cut’ are trapped in a fight to the finish inside the music world they created.

When talented 8-bit hard-core punk rockers find out that other bands on the scene, have been stealing their fresh as fuck style; they make it their mission to take back what is theirs, changeling all competitors to an old school video game showdown.

As the epic 8-bit hard-core battle commences on 4th Street’s very own video arcade ‘Coin-Op Game Room’ a massive buzz and an almighty flash fills the room.

Suddenly a blue swirling portal appears, sucking the band into it; as ‘Jump Cut’ open their eyes and slowly look around; the look of shock and wonder spreads across their faces; as they realise they are now in the video game, just moments before, they were playing.

After various challenges, including an epic light cycle battle ‘Jump Cut’ become freedom fighters for oppressed musicians the world over.

Imagine someone put all your favourite hard core, skate punk bands and a NES into a giant blender, leaving the lid off; if you then scraped the goop off the wall and morphed them together using the wonders of DNA splicing. You then programmed the  multi headed electronic beast you created to make rad music, it would write ‘Hazel’


The pre-order for Hazel by Jump Cut is available via Open Door Records below. (Limited edition red tape)

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